Training Program

Members have the opportunity to enroll in free classes through the Union. Read on for information about what courses are available and how to enroll.

Computer Skills

The Union currently offers three levels of computer classes: Basic Computer Skills, Microsoft Word & Excel and Advanced Microsoft Office. Currently these classes are held in person. To sign up, use the form below.

The Basic Computer Skills class is meant for members with little to no computer experience. Members will learn fundamental concepts such as identifying different parts of a computer and their functions, typing, creating folders, the basics of email and much more.

The Microsoft Word & Excel class is meant for members with a basic knowledge of computers who want to begin learning to use the Microsoft Word & Excel programs, and also receive a brief overview of Google applications.

The Advanced Microsoft Office class is meant for members who have a solid foundation in computers. Members will continue to develop their skills in Excel, learning how to use formulas and charts and exploring the more complex features included in Microsoft Office.

English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language classes are available for non-native English speakers at the Beginner and Advanced levels. Currently, these classes are held online. To sign up, use the form below.

GED Prep

The GED Test consists of four subject tests: math, language arts, science and social studies. Passing the GED is equivalent to having a high school diploma. In GED Prep class, members will study for the four subject tests. The Union’s GED Prep classes are offered both online and in-person. Classes run from September through June, but members may join the class at any point during the year. To sign up, use the form below.

Writing Seminar

Our Writing Seminar classes will introduce the basics of the English writing process: prewriting, drafting, and revising. Students will gain the confidence to get their ideas on paper and learn techniques to express them clearly. They will also have the opportunity to receive feedback from an instructor and have class discussions. Currently these classes are held online. To sign up, use the form below.

How to Enroll

The fall session begins the week of September 11 and runs through the week of December 4. Fill out the form below to request to enroll in a class. You will be called in the upcoming weeks to confirm your spot. *

If you have further questions about the classes or need help with the form, call Member Services Coordinator Triza Cox at 212-245-8100, ext. 2291.

Contact Information

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Computer Classes

Basic Computer Skills (In person)

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Basic Microsoft Word & Excel (In person)

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English as a Second Language Classes

Beginner ESL (In person)

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GED Prep

GED Fundamentals (Online)

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Writing Seminar

Writing Seminar (Online)

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