Velma Petty, New York Hilton

The Union is saddened to announce the passing of our sister Velma Petty, a room attendant at the New York Hilton for 22 years.

A vivacious and bubbly woman, Velma was known for living life to the fullest. She loved going out to restaurants and exploring what New York City had to offer. No matter where she went she was the life of the party.

Charmaine Hassell, a Communications Operator at the New York Hilton, shared some of her fondest memories of her good friend and coworker. “Velma loved to dance and she would always dance up a storm,” Charmaine recalled. “She was so spontaneous, it was just so much fun going out dancing with her. And she was always joking around. She was guaranteed to make you laugh.”

Kim Chaplin, a fellow room attendant and friend of 21 years, spoke lovingly about Velma. “We commuted to work together for almost 20 years. We had a beautiful friendship. She was a very loving and giving person. Velma was the type of person who would give you her last penny. Everyone that knew her loved her. I am going to miss her so much.”

“She was a real team player, and so friendly. Anytime we had something going on, she would participate and contribute,” noted Local 6 Executive Board member and Presser at the New York Hilton Nicole Aigoro, who was also Velma’s friend and coworker.

Velma’s Business Agent and Local 6 Vice-President, Eddie Cedeno, remembered her as a sweetheart. “Velma loved the Union and she was always in good spirits. She would never fail to greet me with a big hug and kiss on the cheek when I came to the hotel.”

Another friend, Rosie Santos who is Communications Operator at the hotel, remembered with fondness their special breakfast ritual. “Friday morning was our time together,” said Rosie. “We would have breakfast together in the cafeteria. Velma was a true foodie and I loved going out to dinner with her after work. She touched everyone who knew her in a positive way, and she will be greatly missed.”

Velma is survived by her two children and her grandchildren in Barbados.