Ruth Miriam Lee, The Carlyle

Our sister Ruth Miriam Lee, a beloved fixture at the Carlyle for over 42 years, has passed away. Those who knew her remember her as a caring, selfless, and loving woman who brought joy to her coworkers and never wanted anyone to be unhappy.

Ruth was known for looking after all the people around her. She cared for her elderly mother and two other elderly relatives. She even invited a homeless woman into her home and helped her get back on her feet.

Judith Seemungal, Local 6 Executive Board member and Ruth’s friend and coworker for 27 years, remembered Ruth as someone who was always thinking about others. “If you were sick she would visit you and bring you flowers. She knew I liked hot chocolate, so she would bring me some everyday. When she died it felt like our mom had died. In the housekeeping department, we honored Ruth with a memorial of roses and candles, and we would light a candle each day for her. She was so loved by her Carlyle family. It is hard for us to work through such indescribable sadness.”

Deborah Weber, a telephone operator at the Carlyle for 18 years, recalled Ruth’s joyful nature. “She lit up the room, always sharing a joke or giving a kind word. Ruth would come in dancing and singing every day. She was just so full of life and I will never forget her. Whenever I think of Ruth, I can’t help but smile.”