Romulo Co, The Roosevelt Hotel

Romulo Co, a bellman at The Roosevelt Hotel from 1997 to 2020, passed away on April 28th.

His wife of 34 years, Priscilla Olaguera Co, remembers Romulo as a loving father to his sons, brother, and husband. She also added these kind words about her husband, “He was such a wonderful man and also my best friend. It was his caring attitude for others that made him so special and I was so proud of him. He always thought of others first and he never thought of himself.”

Romulo was affectionally known as ‘Romie’ to his friends at work. Delegate and Bellman Steve Hamilton shared some memories of their time together: “I worked with Romie for 22 years. Not a hair on his head was gray, he was strong as an ox. He would say, ‘a heavy bag isn’t light.’ It became a running joke in the department. He was a funny guy. He would call me Mr. Verizon and would always bring empanadas to share at work. You never know how much you’re gonna miss someone until you show up to your shift and they’re not there.” 

Bell Captain David Nazario remembers Romulo as a father figure and a committed worker, “I worked with Romulo 17 years. He was so much, he was a father figure to us all, to everybody. His passion and his dedication to his work was second to none. He was loving and he was caring.”

Romulo is survived by his wife, Priscilla, his sons, Adrian and Geoffrey, and granddaughter, Valyntina.