“New York hotel workers seek COVID-19 vaccine in appeal to Cuomo” – The New York Post

February 24, 2021 9:26 AM

Throughout this pandemic, our Union has worked diligently to keep the workers we represent safe on the job. The New York Post has covered our latest effort: advocating to secure access to the COVID-19 vaccine for New York’s hotel workers and ensure a safe reopening of the City’s hotel industry.

“Hotel workers are essential workers who have been working on the frontlines throughout this pandemic. They’ve been serving high-risk populations like quarantining travelers and COVID-exposed and other high-risk populations,” HTC Rich Maroko told the New York Post.

“Over 400 of them have died and thousands more have been sickened, including dozens who have been sickened in just the past few weeks of this year. Hotel workers deserve to be protected as they continue to perform their essential functions.”

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