Miriam Magaly Guzman, Doubletree Metropolitan

We are deeply saddened to announce that our sister, Miriam Guzman, a room attendant at the Doubletree Metropolitan, has passed away.

Her family recently shared some cherished memories of Miriam, who was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, almost 60 years ago. She was a loving wife and mother of three, and had nine adoring grandchildren. Her kindness and generosity were always something to admire. Miriam loved with all her heart, and was passionate about everyone she cared about. She was dedicated to her children, and made sacrifices for them so that they would have a better life.

“Miriam was the kind of person who always lit up a room with her positive energy and infectious smile. She was a quick-witted, talented storyteller, and was even better at giving advice. We will miss her contagious laughter and profound sense of humor, and will cherish all the shared moments and memories we made together. Our mom will live in our hearts forever.”

Her friends remember her as a caring and loving coworker, who possessed a special gift of being able to bring joy and happiness to those around her. Katherine Sanchez, her delegate at the Doubletree, described Miriam as “always being happy, and having the ability to make others happy too. When she noticed that someone was feeling down, she would go out of her way to cheer them up. She was very empathetic. Miriam was also a great friend, who was filled with joy, and who loved and cherished life.”

Mercedes Apraez, who cultivated a long, deep friendship with Miriam, spoke of her kindness and generosity. They would meet every morning in the locker room at the hotel and often Miriam would bring bread from an Ecuadorian bakery to share. “She was full of love and was so giving. Whenever somebody needed something, Miriam would say ‘I’m here for you.’ If you had a problem, she offered her shoulder to cry on. I loved Miriam very much. It’s going to be sad to go back to work knowing she is gone.”

Evelyn Novillo, another friend and coworker, recalled how positive Miriam was and how happy she was to be around. “She was very friendly, so it didn’t take long for people to get to know her. I’m going to miss her terribly.”