Miguel Jaquez, Millennium Hilton

Our brother Miguel Jaquez, a steward at the Millennium Hilton for 22 years and Union delegate, has passed away.

Miguel’s sister Maria, also a Union delegate at the New York Hilton, remembered her brother as a strong family man and a hard worker. “He adored his three children, and his favorite thing to do was to cook for his family and spend time with all of us. I especially loved the picnics we would have at my house. Miguel and I would also attend Union rallies together. I miss him so much now that he is gone.”

George Ramirez, a Utility Steward at the Millennium Hilton, deeply admired his longtime coworker and friend Miguel whom he noted was a passionately proud Union delegate. “He took being a delegate very seriously,” said George. “He went to bat for us with management. He was fearless about confronting managers and upholding the Union contract. I know that many other delegates looked up to him. Miguel taught me what a delegate should be.”

Junio Acosta, another friend and coworker from the Millennium Hilton, considered Miguel to be family. “I was so saddened by his passing. I wish I had been able to see him one last time to say goodbye.”

Tyrone Connell, his longtime HEAT representative and former neighbor, remembered Miguel with great fondness. “Miguel was the funniest guy. Everyone loved him. He was well respected, not just in the hotel, but in our neighborhood as well. He was always helping people in our community.”