Michael Lewis, Sr., Grand Hyatt

Our brother Michael Lewis, a housekeeping attendant for 40 years at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, passed away on April 11th, 2020, at the age of 70.

His long time friend and coworker, Alda Cooper, a room attendant who started at the Grand Hyatt with Michael when it first opened, fondly remembers him as a very loving, caring, friendly, gentle soul who would do anything for you. “Michael was always there for you. You never, ever had to ask him.  It was as if he could read your mind. He was just Michael. There will never be another one like him,” she said.

Local 6 Business Agent Marie Richard had known Michael for over 19 years. “In all the years I had known him, he always had a smile on his face. He made you laugh, which made you feel good. I will miss him.”

Michael’s son, Shaquille, recalled that his father was an amazing person, and considered him the classic "family man.” “He absolutely loved his children and his grandchildren,” Shaquille noted, “He was always there for us and he was so supportive, no matter what we did.” Shaquille added that his father was also an adventurist who loved to travel and who had been all over the world. Besides traveling and his family, his other passion was bowling. “My dad loved to bowl. He would go bowling 5 to 6 times a week. He taught me to bowl, and we were on the same league team. It won’t be the same without him.”

Michael is survived by his four brothers, four sisters, seven children and several grandchildren.