Marie A. Bichotte, Doubletree Metropolitan

The Union is deeply saddened to announce the passing of our beloved sister Marie Bichotte, a room attendant at the Doubletree Metropolitan Hotel until 2005 when she retired after 22 years of service. An immigrant from Haiti, and passionate Union member and delegate for over 30 years, Marie was remembered by friends and coworkers alike as the nicest person you could ever meet.

José Martinez, who has been working as a houseman at the Doubletree since 1994, remembered Marie as someone who was always smiling. “She worked the night shift and I was on the day shift, but we overlapped and just seeing her beaming face and gorgeous smile in the morning was all I needed to start my day,” he said. “Ms. Bichotte was so friendly and so out-going, she got along with everyone.”

Jocelyn Balthazar, a room attendant at the Doubletree since 1982, echoed the same sentiments. “Marie and I share the same birthday, and I made sure to wish her a ‘happy birthday’ each year before she could do the same to me! I will miss her so much. The world is a sadder place now that she is gone.”

Jody Quintana, the Human Resources Director at the Doubletree, fondly recalls how hard working Marie was. “I first began working at the Doubletree as a receptionist. Ms. Bichotte worked nights but I would see her at the end of her shift. I will never forget her determination to work as hard as she could. Each night, she would collect all the discarded soda and beer cans and take them to be recycled when she got off work. She told me that she was saving money in order to send her children to college. She was such a lovely lady and so proud of her kids. She could talk about them for hours and we all loved listening to her. She really was the nicest, sweetest person in the world, and a terrific employee. I wish there were more people like her. It is so sad to know she is no longer with us.”

Marie’s long-time friend and coworker, Philomena Cypable, also remembers Marie as a really hard worker and a genuinely nice person. “I remember how she helped me get a job at the hotel, where I have now been working for 30 years. I can never repay her for her kindness. She was so nice to me. But she was nice to everyone too! And she would fight for you too. She was a strong delegate and loved her union. She always said, “If you have a problem, come to me. I will get it fixed.” I have been crying for days because I miss her so much. She will be in my heart forever.”

Our sister Marie is survived by her two daughters, New York State Assemblymember Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn and Marcelle Bichotte, her son Wagner Bichotte, and her 3 grandchildren, Wagner, Kye and Kourtney.