Luisito Izar, Lotte New York Palace

The Union is mourning the loss of our brother Luisito Izar, a floor supervisor at the Lotte New York Palace for almost 16 years, who passed away on April 11th. Luisito had been a union member since 1992 when he started out as a houseman at the London before moving on to the Palace. He was 63.

Judica Seenath, a NY Palace Delegate, fondly recalls Luisito’s “big happy smile.” “He was such a jolly fellow and an extremely out-going, fun-loving person. He got along with everyone! He didn’t have a bad bone in his body,” she said. Judica also remembers Luisito treating his coworkers to music and videos and funny jokes before work began. “We all loved him dearly and it just won’t be the same without him.”

Luisito’s wife Miné remembers her husband as a simple guy who enjoyed life. “He was naturally friendly, and a very hard worker and a loving husband, father and grandfather,” she noted. “He loved to sing - he was really good - and he loved being with his friends and proudly telling stories about his favorite grandsons Cohnan and Sendoh.” Miné was especially fond of Luisito’s infectious smile. “Even if he had a problem and it weighed heavily on his mind, you would never know it. He just kept smiling no matter what. I just loved him for that.”

Luisito is survived by his wife Miné, his daughter Kimberly, his son Alexander, and many grandchildren and close friends.