Greta Belizaire, Grand Hyatt

The Union is saddened to learn about the passing of Greta Belizaire, our sister from the Grand Hyatt, where she worked for over 33 years as a housekeeping attendant. Greta passed away on April 9th, 2020.

Local 6 Vice President Hazel Hazzard recalls Greta being a quiet lady, very respectful, who possessed poise and grace, and who was liked by everyone.

Greta’s oldest daughter, Mirlene, said of her mother, “She was very kind hearted and such a hard worker. She immigrated to the United States from Haiti in 1978. She worked two jobs for over 25 years and was able to buy a house on her own.” Mirlene also mentioned that her mother loved her church, the Fellowship Tabernacle of Faith, and enjoyed spending her free time there with her close friends.

Greta is survived by her three daughters, Stephanie, Rose and Mirlene, her son Jacques, and her 10 grandchildren.