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August 13, 2021 7:52 PM, Hotel Voice, Fall 2021


Alex Hing, Millennium Hilton UN Plaza

After 38 years as a sous-chef at the Millennium UN Plaza, Alex Hing, a Local 6 trustee and Delegate, has announced his retirement. Alex served as a Trustee for 15 years and has been a constant fixture at HTC picket lines and events since the 1980s, volunteering over 300 hours of his time with the Union.

“I met Alex Hing during the City-Wide Hotel Strike of 1985. We’ve been union comrades-in-arms ever since,” said HTC General Organizer and President of Local 6 Jim Donovan. “He’s one of the kindest, smartest and most dedicated members of our Union I’ve known, and that is over the long haul. He deserves to enjoy a very happy retirement and, knowing him, I have no doubt that his activism with HTC will keep growing strong.”

Ambrozine Stewart, Casa 46

After 22 years as a Room Attendant and Delegate at the Casa 46 Hotel, Ambrozine Stewart has retired. She remembers how the hotel became Union just as she started working there. As for her retirement plans, Ambrozine hopes to spend more time with family and enjoy more time at home

Araseli Flores, Courtyard Midtown East

After 30 years as a member of our Union, Araseli Flores has retired. She started as a Union Painter at the Barbizon 63, Pierre and Pennsylvania. Later she worked at the Waldorf-Astoria as an Engineer for 10 years before assuming the same position at the Courtyard Midtown East. Now, using all she learned about carpentry and electrical during her time working, she is spending her retirement fixing up her new house in Salinas, Puerto Rico. She loves that in the town of Salinas she is within walking distance of the beach, but she also considers herself a New Yorker and plans to visit often.

Christina McLeod, Sherry Netherland

After 18 years as a Housekeeping Supervisor at the Sherry Netherland Hotel, Christina McLeod has retired. She first began working in 1981 at the Windsor Hotel and spent 22 and a half years there. After its closing, she went to the Sherry Netherland, where she served as a Union Delegate. Christina plans to spend her retirement traveling between New York, Florida, and her home country Belize. She left Belize at the age of 24 and is planning to visit family and become “a tourist in her own country.”

Elzbieta Urbaszek, Stewart Hotel

Room Attendant Elzbieta Urbaszek from the Stewart Hotel has retired. She had been a member of the Union for over 16 years and attended dozens of union events. Elzbieta and her husband are now enjoying life between Florida and Pennsylvania, depending on the season.

Eulene Ellis, Hampton Inn Times Square North

Eulene Ellis, a room attendant at the Hampton Inn Times Square North is retiring after 40 years as a member of our Union at the age of 94! Eulene loved her job in the laundry and never missed a day of work. She is looking forward to spending time with her grandchildren in retirement.

Jolanta Bierwiaczonek, Stewart Hotel

After 25 years as a Room Attendant at the Stewart Hotel, Jolanta Bierwiaczonek has retired. Jolanta is already taking advantage of retiree-life, traveling to Poland to visit her sister for a month. Jolanta is very grateful to be able to rely on her social security and the Union’s pension during her retirement.

Jose Arturo Roa, Intercontinental Barclay

Jose Arturo Roa, a Banquet Server from the Intercontinental Barclay, has retired after 43 years as a HTC member. Before working at the Intercontinental Barclay, Jose worked as a Waiter at the Lotte Palace, then known as the Helmsley Palace, for 15 years and at a couple private clubs represented by Local 6, including the Metropolitan Club. Jose served as a delegate at the Palace. Jose is “absolutely enjoying” his retirement at home and is happy to have more time to himself and with his family.

Rafaela Montilla, Renaissance 57

After 22 years as a housekeeper at the Renaissance 57, Rafaela has retired and is enjoying life in the Dominican Republic.

Ramirez Jimenez, Intercontinental Barclay

After 40 years as an HTC member, Ramirez Jimenez has retired. He first began working at the Intercontinental Barclay as a Houseman before later becoming a Public Area Attendant. Prior to working at the Barclay, Ramirez also worked at the Hampshire House. He is now enjoying his retirement on his own schedule, relaxing at home, and visiting his two children. He is also taking the time to enjoy the hobbies he likes such as playing dominoes and watching movies.

Richie Delecki, Intercontinental Barclay

Richie Delecki, a bellperson at the Intercontinental Barclay, is retiring after 36 years as a member of our Union. Richie is enjoying his retirement by moving to the Catskills where he plans to learn to play the guitar.

Sampson Adjei, St. Regis

After 41 years as a member of our Union, Sampson Adjei has retired. He served as a Delegate and House Attendant at the St. Moritz and St. Regis for 11 and 30 years, respectively. He is very grateful to the Union because it allowed him to work “peacefully and happily.” Sampson will be spending time between his home country of Ghana, where he will be focusing on his used car business, and New York visiting his three daughters.


Adontise Brice, Equinox Hotel

During the height of the pandemic, Adontise Brice, a room attendant at the Equinox, gave birth to her third child, Tyshawn Bailey, born April 2020.

Anthony Duma, Club Quarters Wall Street and Rank and File Organizer

In July 2020, Anthony, who organized with his coworkers at the Club Quarters Wall Street and is currently a Rank and File Organizer with HTC, and his wife welcomed their first child, Sophia Sky Duma.

Marlene Ferreira, Resorts World Casino NYC

Marlene Ferreira, a server at Resorts World NYC since 2011, is pleased to announce the birth of her first child, Gianna Hernandez, in March 2021.

Jodi Erickson, Westin Times Square

Jodi, who works at the Foundry Bar at the Westin Times Square, and her wife celebrate the adoption of their daughter Paige!

Reydison Perez Muñoz, Hilton Newark Airport

Reydison Perez Muñoz, a Houseperson and Delegate at the Hilton Newark Airport, celebrated the arrival of his first child, Gianna Perez, on April 30th, 2021.

Sonya Chy, Carlyle and Tyrone Connell, HEAT Representative

Sonya Chy, a room attendant at the Carlyle, and Tyrone Connell, a HEAT Representative at the Union since 2014, welcomed their first baby, Soriya Chy-Connell, in November 2020.

Tenzin Dolma, Baccarat Hotel

Tenzin Dolma, a room attendant at the Baccarat for five years, welcomed a baby boy named Kunga Jampa in July 2020. Kunga is her second child.


Antonio Codita, Pierre Hotel and St. Regis Hotel

Congratulations to Antonio, a banquet server at the Pierre since 2001 and a-la-carte server at the St. Regis since 1994, for completing his undergraduate degree at Hunter College, graduating cum laude! Antonio majored in psychology with a certificate in human rights. Antonio was recognized as a Public Service Scholar and as a member in the International Honor Society in Psychology. He is now preparing to apply for law school.

Senaida Martinez, ModernHaus SoHo

Senaida, a Room Attendant at the ModernHaus SoHo, and her husband Saul Castro are celebrating Saul’s recent naturalization! Saul used the Union’s Pre-Paid Legal Fund to get assistance in applying for his U.S. Citizenship and cast his vote for the first time in the 2020 General Election. Congratulations!

Christellia David, New York Edition

Christellia David, a room attendant at the New York Edition and 20 year Union member, is celebrating the graduation of her daughter, Kiara David Asseveiro, from Leaders High School in Brooklyn on June 24, 2021. Kiara will be attending Long Island University where she plans to major in law and dancing.

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